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14-Apr-2017 19:16

Moreover, i think nam ha jin and ahn ha rim have a deeper feeling than just brother-sister relationship so nam ha jin can be loved without any compulsion, and two of them will be happy forever! The cinematography and music choice is great too and Eric mun is a great actor not a single awkward thing in his acting and Jung Yu Mi is so good actress as usual. This woman had nothing visual going on about her AT ALL. Like, I’d understand it a little if the woman was at least good looking. Everything about her made her seem like a piece of shit. He still looking for the girl even already met Han Yo Reum and keep it secret for a while. omg i think i stare to love eric after watch this drama! how can with the handsome face he had 36 years old? Because I would like to visit the place in few months... Let her know that she is not in control of the relationship but he is by constantly lying and sneaking behind her back with other females. This drama is fun and also one of my favourite drama ♡ I love this drama to a single bit. Gosh…how to say, Eric just like a fine wine, he becomes more sexy and gorgeous through years. All the casts really great on acting, and I love the story line and background musics too. Randomly decided to watch this and I think it is the BEST drama ever. this is very heavy drama, most times they are arguing fighting or crying. If you are looking for laughter and fun this is not the right drama. If I was a guy (or at least was a guy and had some small fraction of self-respect) I would have swept her out of my life completely Not a fan of the writer. There was nothing good about her from the beginning till the end. I don't understand why Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin, the two perfect guy chasing her loves while she even not look attractive nor highly smart with meh personalities. So, here's the thought, Nam Ha Jin and Han Yo Reum, both of them are lived in the past and they aren't really sure about their feeling of each other. omg 18 older than me, but i like you moon jung hyuk ajjushi 안녕! I would love to know where was the location when this 2 love birds met (right after the acquantaince in the train)? your cooperation are highly appreciated Why, why, why!! When the doctor gets caught doing wrong, he uses PAC (passisive aggressive control) and flipping things around to make her think she has done something wrong and dumping all the blame on her by always saying: "you're misunderstanding." Even the doctor's so-called "sister?! He is smart enough to let a yeo Reum believe she is the one in control when actually he is controlling everything! It gave me the same emotions as boys over flowers and the heirs (my favourite dramas). It's the same writer as I Need Romance 2 & it does have some similarity but I still enjoy watching it. I'm a sucker for rom/coms so this is right up my ally..makes me laugh & Eric is just TOO HOT to pass up. Sung Joon and Yoon Jin-Yi (adorable in Gentleman's Dignity - made a small role outshine the rest of the characters) ..... This is so realistic, you can't help to "accidentally" love someone, someone that makes you who you are, its not even can be described through words. In the same time you like female characters who are total "doormat " and humiliate themselves for the guy. I love all three main actors but ep 8 is lacking in retaliation by Yeo Reum in defending herself. But if I could choose, I'll give the credits to the one who plays Kang Tae Ha. Cute, flirty, sexy, silly, scary, teary,, frustrate, hopeless…of those emotions changes time to time and not to mention Kang Tae Ha is beautiful and hot to the max…*fan my self I think this is one of the best drama i've ever watched. My friend bugged me to watch this and oh boy, I wish I didn't!!! I like this drama but I totally hate the female lead character Han Yeo Reum. I don't understand how can both high quality of men (Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin) attracted to someone like Han Yeo Reum. I like the way jungyumi plays the role in this drama. Tae ha has many flaws, but after all he's just a great man, he's honest and responsible, the one whom we can depend on. It's too late for me to watch this drama, but it's better than never watch it, right? This is undoubtedly one of the best k-dramas I've ever watched. it would be great if it would go along the same path - especially now that the heroine has learned and no longer is the cliche 'diligent but optimistic poor girl' as she was at the start of "QSS"..... And I always love Eric oppa, as actor, as rapper, as leader, as a man, as everything. I watched this drama because of Eric Oppa, and it's kind of interesting drama, although I need more yeo reum tae ha scenes. The writers did a good job portraying a typical k-drama love triangle in a very interesting and realistic way.

I liked this series because of the development of the romance between Yoon Hyun-Min & Kim Seul-Gi and love if for that. who gave unconditional love will be the one in pain in the end, when the other side din give 100% too. and i'm kinda glad even upset that nam hajin didn't get the girl. and i'm not happy with the ending because end up the girl get back to the ex, tae ha is way better for girl like yeo rum, i wished she end up getting cheated back by some random guy for ending. but I really love nam ha jin character, so nice and good. i'm starting to fangirling him and stalk his other drama LOL. HH NO, I LOVE YOU @ Yoojin..can you think like that ?

SEOUL (Korea Herald/Asia News Network) - Eric Mun, the leader of boy band Shinhwa, is set to tie the knot with model and actress Na Hye Mi on July 1.

He posted a letter to fans on the band's official social media page on Monday morning (April 17) to announce his upcoming marriage with his girlfriend of three years.

She also appeared in MBC's Over The Rainbow and High Kick! She confirmed on Monday that she would join the cast of the film adaptation of Cheese In The Trap.

Ha jin is just a perfect man but the perfect one doesn't mean the most suitable one. I hope this has all the originality of "QSS" (the 1 girl-cliche is the exception in the entire thing).... Eric mun's character does grow and have develpment throughout the series and in the end actually did deserve Jung Mi. Its a good one tho I completely onto this drama, this drama really so realistic about love. It shows the reality of what likely to happen in relationship. I mean, how could you do that to your girlfriend and turns her into a complete fool? I love his expression, emotions and those eyes can really talk. Well I basically start watching this drama because of Moon Jung Hyuk (Eric Moon) because I really LOVE Shinhwa..I like the Drama it's kind of "I Need Romance" (buy the way the first part was the best)... As much as I enjoy KDramas, I still have a problem with the age gaps that seem to be so common. It's simple but I do love it, and enjoy it very well. I bet I'm the only one who's stand on Hajin's side.. I seriously hate Dr Ha Jin, its enough to prove that he is cheating when he went for blind date, now he kept his past so called sister in orphanage as a secret from yeo reum, omg poor my eric :( ERIC YOU ARE HANDSOME *uterus explodes* finally found drama which makes me really dont want to miss anything about it really enjoyyy i love the bad boy style(ex bf) but who can refuse nice guy(current bf), right? But you still feel sorry for Sung Joon's character. Some of you might not like han yeo reum but i think every woman will be like her. She might be mean, selfish and a bitch but it's way better than lying, keep hiding things but keep that straight face as if you did nothing wrong. Nam might be a devoted lover but he kinds of untruthful and indecisive. The thing that i like the most in this drama is it shows what are the things that can shake up your relationship. I really hope that Han Yeo Reum will and up with Kang Tae Ha, Yoon Sol & Do Joon Ho and Nam Ha Jin will be with An A Rim..will be a really happy ending for me :) I got a vibe that ha yeo reum will end up wuth ha jin... Why is there so often such an age gap when it really isn t necessary in casting. i hope the rating will not exceed 25% so that eric and sung joon will not give free hug hehe *just kidding* all the best for this drama : D Why oh Why did the director and writers "NOT" allow Yeo Reum in episode 8 a comeback after the orphan Girl called her a stalker? I can't stand Hajin but I do feel bad for him sometimes lol. Her chemistry with Eric is so heart-warming to watch.

Apr 17, 2017. Shinhwa's Eric and actress Na Hye-mi E&J Entertainment/Imagine AsiaMun, 38, posted a letter to fans via the band's official social media page on Monday morning to announce his upcoming. In 2014 a rumor about Mun and Na dating was reported by local media outlets, but they denied the reports.… continue reading »

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Shinhwa Hangul 신화; Hanja 神話 is a South Korean six-member boy band based in Seoul, composed of Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin, and Andy Lee. Launched by SM Entertainment on 24 March 1998 and now managed by Shinhwa Company, the group is the longest-running boy.… continue reading »

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Jan 9, 2017. · Joongki shed tears as Bogum wins Top Excellence in Acting Award 2016 KBS Drama Awards/20 - Duration. KBS World TV 1,048,826 views ·. Happy Together S1 • E299 Happy Together - Shinhwa, Heo Young Saeng, & Choi Hui! 2013. 06. 05 - Duration. KBS World TV.… continue reading »

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Apr 18, 2017. SEOUL Korea Herald/Asia News Network - Eric Mun, the leader of boy band Shinhwa, is set to tie the knot with model and actress Na Hye Mi on July 1. He posted a letter to fans on the band's official social media page on Monday morning April 17 to announce his upcoming marriage with his girlfriend of.… continue reading »

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Jul 22, 2015. Love must be in the air in South Korea because 2015 has been jam-packed with celebrity dating announcements! Kim Woo. The news about the Shinhwa star and the model came out a few days ago when they left for Los Angeles together to take a vacation before Shinhwa performs at KCON. However.… continue reading »

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