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One of the ways in which the government of Oklahoma strives to ensure that the single parents are able to provide adequate care for their children while they are at work is through the Department of Human Services (OKDHS) which offers subsidies to single parents and other low income families to help them cover the costs of childcare.It is well known that childcare is not something that you want to compromise on, which is why this system is in place.This means that if you want to be sure of covering your child’s health you are going to have to look for subsidized health options.There are several options that are available if you know where to look for them and what questions you should ask.One of the options that are very well worth considering in Oklahoma is Medicaid.This is a subsidized health insurance scheme offered by the government to those single parents and other low income families who cannot afford private medical insurance.

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Statistics released in 2012 show that 45 percent of those mothers will never have been married, while 55 percent of them will be divorced.The same reports released by the WLDEF asserted that one-quarter of single mothers have a college degree, with one-sixth never completing high school.The FSA points to a 1997 Labor Force Survey that showed single mothers in all categories exhibited lower educational achievement than married mothers.However, they are also more likely than the rest of the population to take part in outdoor recreation with their children, and to be involved in school organizations.

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The ACS found that 39 percent of single parents attest to the value of spirituality in their lives, compared to 32 percent of the general population.Public transport is much cheaper than driving your own car, for example, so maybe you should look into the public transport options available.If you qualify for Medicaid then you may be interested to know that in some situations Medicaid offers non-emergency medical transport, which is something that may come in handy for getting your child or yourself to a doctor’s appointment, for example.It is not a good idea to compromise on the health of your child.