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With a height of 6.2 meter, width of 4.5 meter, the Chengkou Ancient City was listed as a county-level cultural relic protection units in 1982.

It was built in Qin Dynasty in the first time but was rebuilt in Qing Dynasty after destroyed.

Located in Chengkou Town, the ancient city is at a distant of 38 km north of Renhua County.

It controls the way from Guangdong Province to Hunan Province as it east village was fixed up the city group, south * en streams (where the west water), west street, north to San Jiao Ping to old salt.

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What's more, as a grassland in Guangdong Province, Wanshishan Grassland is popular for younger or campers.

In 2004, Danxia Mountain was listed as World Geo-park.

As Geo-park, mount Danxia has a lot of resources including 1,916 kind of plant, 88 mammals, 288 birds, 86 reptiles, 37 amphibians, 100 fishes and 1,023 insects.

Most commonly spoken are Cantonese, Mandarin and Hakka. Resorts and attractions in Renhua include: "Mount Danxia" (丹霞山), Wanshishan Grassland (万时山大草原) is one of the rare grassland in Guangdong Province.

"Shuang Feng Fort" (双峰寨), The "Chengkou Ancient City" (城口古秦城), was built in the Qin Dynasty.

The layers of waist eaves and false flat seat, a brick imitation of the wooden tower each surface, leaning against column, the forehead, fang, dou Gong, middle of Guelph form niches are arranged in a straight line.