Sony clie and updating palm os

15-Mar-2018 00:11

Unless of course you like to have some available memory for your other PDA applications.

sony clie and updating palm os-7

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There are two kinds of game play, Classic and Flash.We also had a bit of trouble getting the Sony IR port to communicate with the Zire IR port for multiplayer games.We think it's a Sony hardware problem or possibly some sort of issue with the way Palm OS accesses the Sony N760C IR port.Pretty simple, and a lot of fun for those on shorter lunch hours.

If you ever played the game and enjoyed it in the real world, this virtual version will not disappoint.With Palm OS 4.1 operating system, this Sony handheld PDA contains all the features necessary to tackle your business on-the-move.The backlit monochrome display of this Sony pocket PC delivers crisper and clearer images at a 320 x 320 pixel resolution.Pick a colored token (remember them - the circular piece that holds your pie wedges?

Students by Jen Edwards, and Palm OS User Council. I've been a Palm Powered handheld user since April of 1999 and am always looking for new ways to.… continue reading »

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Red Mercury writes "Sony has just announced their much anticipated high resolution 320x320 Palm OS-based PEG-N710 Clie Handheld. You can read their press release.… continue reading »

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