Speed dating fast impressions

11-Nov-2017 20:41

The survey of 400 male and female Fast Impressions members compared the "sexiness" and "dateability" of twenty different professions and found that men and women were rarely in agreement about what constituted sexy or dateable.The traditional ideals of "male" and "female" professions seem to hold up as far as dateability.Athletes were considered the sexiest male profession (78%), followed by firemen (75%) and doctors (69%).3.

Women voted bartenders the least sexy (7%), followed closely by athletes (11%) and doctors/nurses (12%)."We're not surprised by this result.There's something irresistible about a man in uniform with a big hose", says Lori Miller, Lavalife Marketing Manager.The poll of 18,852 singles asked respondents to vote for which profession screams sexy, out of firefighters, doctor/nurse, bartenders and athletes. 92% of women would date a doctor, followed by lawyers, architects and property consultants (all 89%).2.Lavalife has attracted millions of unique members who exchange 1.3 million messages every day. * Source: Combination of com Score Media Metrix and Lavalife.