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In summer of 2010, funding from higher levels of government was announced: 0 million from the province of Ontario, and 5 million (or up to 1/3 of the full cost) from the federal government.

The provincial figure was disappointing to supporters, as they had previously promised 2/3 of the cost.

On June 24, 2009, Regional Council approved the initiative and the Region is in discussions with Provincial and Federal governments to obtain funding for the 0-million project.

Light Rail Transit (LRT) has been short-listed as the technology for the new rapid transit system.

A feasible proposal raised by the Region for dealing with this challenge would be to have light rail vehicles (LRVs) share space with traffic within core areas, somewhat resembling the traditional streetcar networks of many European cities, and of nearby Toronto.

A bus rapid transit line would also face the challenge of the cramped core areas, and thus would also likely share space with traffic in core areas.

The Region expects to transition to the new Assessment Process in the Fall of 2009.Regional Council also approved a recommendation to implement the system in stages because ridership, development potential and capital and operating costs vary along the route.The light rail system was approved by Regional Council with a vote of 15–1.On July 10, 2013, it was reported that a deal was finalized with Metrolinx to join its contract with Bombardier Transportation for the purchase of 14 Flexity Freedom LRVs to form the system's initial fleet, with an option to purchase up to 14 more as the need arises.