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But after impressing at Crewe, he was scouted for one of Man City's junior teams.

It was there he met his abuser, who joined as coach a few months later.

Well, 99.9 percent, yeah.'Another of Speed's team mates tells the programme how Bennell showered Speed with gifts and took him on football tours and holidays. If you ask me, I would tell you that Gary will have suffered abuse at the hands of Barry.'Gary Speed, happily married and former star at Newcastle, Leeds and Everton, was one of four men coached by Bennell who went on to die of either drink, drugs or suicide.

The couple, who married in 1996, were arguing against a background of 'stresses' connected to his job managing the Welsh national team, Cheshire Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg was told.

His father Roger said the same thing, insisting at the time: 'I don't think so. Honestly, no way.'He was old enough in the head even at that age he knew what he wanted.

He was a clever lad.'But now the unnamed victim claims he was abused, telling Channel 4 Dispatches: Football's Wall of Silence: 'Barry would abuse one of us then turn over and then abuse the other.'Asked if he is 'absolutely certain that Gary Speed was abused by Bennell', he replies: '100 percent.

Lawyers have estimated such victims could receive up to £250,000 in compensation each if the clubs are found liable.

In 2016 a former director at Crewe said the club had been warned about Bennell but they let him stay on as coach.

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