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17-Feb-2018 06:20

At the beginning of the year, maybe you decided that you would be, and perhaps you studied how to be a more assertive person throughout the year.

Fall is the time to then allow the fearful part of you to fall away and be replaced by confidence.

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For example, perhaps you wish to be more assertive.

Come the winter solstice, you will be born anew, and this will be a part of you. Make your pilgrimage of leaves, being mindful of the color of sky and grass and leaf and stone, of the feel of the air, of the scents and textures and sights all around you. Pay attention to what nature is doing around you—after all, everything has a purpose, including the changing of the seasons.

How can we get in touch with the spiritual side of autumn in our contemporary age? As you do so, ask yourself, "What do I need to release? They remind us to keep changing, to not allow ourselves to become stagnant. For a time, they gather energy unto us, but at a certain point, they no longer serve us.

If we make sure to align ourselves to the progression of the seasons, fall serves much the same purpose, but on a spiritual level.

Consider, as autumn sets in, the areas of your life that need to be let go of, consider what no longer serves you, gets in your way, and needs to wither.When the reverse is true, the seasons reverse as well.It is only twice a year that the Earth is evenly struck by sunlight. The first equinox of the year is the Spring Equinox, after which the days begin to lengthen, culminating in the summer solstice—the longest day of the year.They lose their chlorophyll, turn brown, wither, and must be released. Take the time to connect to the world around you this fall. It's easy, in our loud, busy world, to allow that to happen.