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10-Jun-2017 00:11

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The British pop star has lived a colourful life, and often shares details of his ex-alcoholic and drug addicted persona during his hard partying days.

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In theory, the biggest ones could be nearly six centuries old. Increasingly, scientists are searching the natural world for the genetic and behavioral mechanisms that endow creatures with their special abilities—that make elephants virtually immune to cancer, say, or axolotls capable of regenerating a lost limb.

Nine years ago, Heinemeier and four of his colleagues published a paper on lens crystallines, a class of proteins found in the human eye.

Like all organic molecules, crystallines contain carbon, including trace amounts of the radioactive isotope carbon-14.

Although one of the murders fell outside Germany’s two-decade statute of limitations on manslaughter, the others were prosecutable.

The mother was ultimately sentenced to four years in prison.

The isotope has always occurred naturally on Earth, formed wherever incoming cosmic rays strike the atmosphere, but some of the current supply also comes from nuclear-weapons tests.

OMG, this is the cutest K-celeb dating story to break on New Year’s Day in a few days, not since the great Rain and Kim Tae Hee news of January 1, 2013 have I heard.… continue reading »

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Benefits of Dating Dr. Strange. When your boyfriend dabbles in magic on several dimensions, your wish is pretty much his command. Flowers? Poof!… continue reading »

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