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They can be on languages, dancing, karate, story telling, juggling, you name it.They are a great way to try something you've always wanted to in a relaxed setting, or teach a skill you have, and they can also get you among people you might not otherwise meet in your dorm or usual dinning table or major.In addition, having a strong conservatory attached to the college and a community of students who support all types of music means more concerts happen in a year than days.I would even bet that we have maybe an average of two or even three concerts a day. Interesting lectures usually have high turn-out especially if the college tries at all to publicize them. Its one of the few times that north and south campus come together.On Saturday night I went to an event called the "Wil' O Wisp Circus" which was a short performance by the Object Manipulation Exco advertising for the big OCircus in 2 weeks. On Sundays I work at the reference desk of the Science Library and then attend mass. The Intramurals are more widely beloved and known on campus.

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We throw great parties and try to maintain good relationships with other club sports like rugby.

Many people center their social time around the parties that happen every weekend, as I suspect happens quite frequently at most colleges.