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14-Apr-2017 22:09

Most lectures are well attended by students and faculty in the field of interest.

I also really enjoy attending lectures on topics of interest usually in the biology or classics departments but sometimes another department's lecture will catch my interest.There's always DJs and music and dancing at the 'sco.There are usually multiple music or other performances. The ' Sco is the school run bar/venue/hang out and its hopping most weeknight and some weekends.There's lectures all the time, college and guest speakers -those are fun whether the subjects familiar or totally new.

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Movie are two bucks at the local theater, or a dollar at the film society, there's an observatory, a gym, a conservatory of music full of practice rooms and concerts and the Sco Club at the student union.

On Saturday night I went to an event called the "Wil' O Wisp Circus" which was a short performance by the Object Manipulation Exco advertising for the big OCircus in 2 weeks. On Sundays I work at the reference desk of the Science Library and then attend mass. The Intramurals are more widely beloved and known on campus.