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28-Jun-2017 20:17

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I actually have someone I am interested in at work, and he recently friended me on Facebook. What should I do if my kids don’t approve or push back?

In response to my plea for help, I found some welcome guidance from another mom who has been through this same process.

Instead, by allowing for a grace period, parents can focus on their kids during an important transitional period while also achieving stability in their own lives. Browne says parents should make sure not to involve their kids in their dating experiences. “I’m not a fan of families going camping together for the weekend before you are married,” she says.

Can we do something to make sure that we still have 'our' time? So if you don't feel like you are going to be able to say what you feel, write it in a letter or a card.

Give your letter to your mom and then talk about it after she reads it.

Only after this balance is achieved is dating appropriate, according to Dr. “Kids get attached, and they don’t really understand dating, especially if they are having trouble getting over the divorce.”With this in mind, I feel better equipped to enter the post-divorce dating scene.

Occasionally I get questions from teens trying to figure out life's complications. Sometimes when we are hurt or angry we pick the most inopportune time to communicate it. Pay special attention not to accuse your mom of giving all of her time to the new boyfriend or the new boyfriend for stealing her time away from you.It is important to talk to your mom and to let her know how you feel. When you hold things in they eventually find a way of coming out and make a bigger mess!It's easier to deal with something than stuff it away and deal with it later.Plus, what a compliment for your mom to know that you wants to spend more time with her!