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This system refers to text which is available for instance in a knowledge base or on a website. Co-robots from an Ethical Perspective Cooperation and collaboration robots work hand in hand with their human colleagues.Different procedures have been established to adjust the artificial voice. This contribution focuses on the use of these robots in production.In a follow-up project in 2016, the LIEBOT was developed, a kind of Munchausen machine.This article describes the back-ground and the foundations of this project and lists the chatbot’s strategies of lying. Sex Robots from the Perspective of Machine Ethics This contribution explains firstly the terms and the phenomena of sex robots and robot sex and the foundations of machine ethics.Co-robots can support workers and save them from strains and injuries, but can also displace them in certain activities or make them dependent. Sex Robots and Robot Sex from an Ethical perspective Real sex robots, unlike sex toys, have yet to establish themselves.Machine ethics is included at the margin; it addresses whether and how to improve the decisions and actions of (partially) autonomous systems with respect to morality. Admittedly, the development of these special service robots is still in its early stages, and we can expect this much-loved object of societal and media debates to become commonplace at some point.

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In addition, information ethics and technology ethics will be considered in terms of the light they shed on the design and use of robots for sexual activity. The Synthetization of Human Voices The synthetization of voices, or speech synthesis, has been an object of interest for centuries.On this page you can find abstracts of selected articles on information ethics and machine ethics (only available in English).SSML for Sex Robots In love and sex, the voice is a decisive factor.There will then be a conclusion and discussion of future prospects. It is mostly realized with a text-to-speech system (TTS), an automaton that interprets and reads aloud.

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Keywords: Machine Ethics, Sexual Ethics, Ethics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Sex Robots, Robots Sex, Love Dolls Bendel. Sex Robots and Robot Sex from an Ethical perspective. 3TH1CS: A Reinvention of Ethics in the Digital Age? This system refers to text available for instance on a website or in a book, or entered via popup menu on the website, and reads it aloud.In this context, the author developed various design studies and thus submitted proposals for their appearance and functions.He focused on animal-friendly machines which make morally sound decisions, and chatbots with specific skills.LADYBIRD: the Animal-Friendly Robot Vacuum Cleaner. In 2013, the School of Business at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) implemented a prototype of the GOODBOT, which is a novelty chatbot and a simple moral machine.