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Typing a Thai word in Thai script gives you the word in transcription in brackets (no tone marks).Following is the definition of the word in English. If you click on a Thai word from a scrolling selection, there is no transliteration for English.On the flip side, Thai students of the English language might be able to find what they need too.

So unless you’ve downloaded a Thai dictionary already, this review is for you.

With that in mind, here is a quick breakdown: Dictionaries with transliteration: Click Thai Dictionary Thai-English, Dr Wit’s Library Edition, Dr Wit’s Desk Edition, Dr Wit’s Pocket Edition, English Thai Dictionary, The Thai Translator, The Thai Translator Lite, Your Words English Thai English (on some, not all).

Dictionaries with Thai sound files: Click Thai Dictionary Thai-English, The Thai Translator, The Thai Translator Lite.

When you do a search for a Thai word using the English keyboard (in the Eng-Thai section), in brackets you are given the transliteration for the English word in tiny Thai script.

So tiny, the needed little bits fall off (and there is no zoom either).Help files: Click Thai Dictionary Thai-English, English Thai English Dictionary, Thai Fast Dictionary.Some of these dictionaries were a real bugger to get around because they were lacking in help files. And mystery of mysteries, the i Phone apps listed as dictionaries are all over the place.But as the variations are many, I’ve passed on noting which dictionaries do what.

Sydney classic Thai. I have been going to this restaurant for almost 2 decades. Prior to the opening of all the new Thai places in the city around Pitt St and environs, Thai Thai was a rare treat for those seeking an authentic Thai taste, i.e. not much sugar added for the Western palate. A Thai mate loves the "Boat Noodle" soup.… continue reading »

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