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Note that this will not save your game though, so if you have a crash in the middle of France and you haven't saved at all, prepare to do the trip again. [email protected] [email protected]@; #Mv;: .,.i.i.i., #@# :[email protected]#[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected];... [email protected]@W8 [email protected] i.i.:.,.:.,[email protected], i [email protected]@M #@M; [email protected] Wi [email protected] WM0nv .,.:.;:;,v.,t [email protected]#7 ,[email protected] [email protected] . After that, you will need to pick your destination, and then, select who to bring, amount of days depending on your visa level, and off you go, and this would be one of the few times you will see a loading screen, given that you are moving to a new neighbourhood. So those few days you are on vacation will not age your Sims at all, which is quite useful, although moot if you have aging off already. Another thing to note that when you go on vacation, all the time in the general neighbourhood will freeze. In Egypt, you are stuck in the middle of a campsite, so it will be rather meagre in terms of base camp provisions, whilst China and France do seem to treat you a little better and provide a decent camp site. *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* [2.03] Arrival at Base Camp The first thing you will do is arrive at a campsite. You will need to select which destination you wish to travel to first, you can either head off to Shang Simla in China, Champs Les Sims in France or Al Simhara.

However, you will always need to head to the general goods merchant before you head down to do some tomb raiding.

.,.i.i.i.i., .c [email protected] [email protected]: [email protected] Sv X,i., z E07zic,i., ,.. Note that each location will haev location specific gems and metals, more collectibles, as well as fish, space rocks, and other interesting bits and pieces that you can collect.

[email protected]@Uvii., 1Qii;7:;.i., ,.:., .:b8#[email protected] i.i.i.i.i.i.:.. : Y#@[email protected]@M...:., [email protected]@8I;t:i., i E0c C;c,;.:.,.:., v WMzv $M2:.;. In China, you will be able to learn the Martial Arts skill, which is one of the biggest attractors to that locale, while France will have the Nectary, which is basically the Brewery or Winery in the game, as Nectar is the substitute and family friendly version of wine. In Egypt, it is the home of the best cameras, the snake charming skills, and besides those two, it is home to the mummy, which is the supernatural element in this game, considering the previous series had introduced a supernatural theme in the game, and is the source of the most tombs in the game, so it is a good source of relics, and thus, income.

Teenagers, adults and elders can go without restriction.

You can have children to go along, but they will need to be going with adult supervision. However, when you come back from your holidays, you will have to wait a total of 2 days before you can head back on another vacation, so you will need to have a break. This makes it useful if you want to develop some skills for work that you desperately need, yet you do not have the time to get those skills in time. The Base Camp is useful because it is your only source of the adventure board, it is basically a board that provides you with opportunities to get some money, cool relics, and some other prizes, as well as being one of the sources of visa points, which are used to upgrade your visa levels so that you can stay longer.

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