Tips for dating someone in med school

10-May-2017 19:14

In addition, standard interview questions may not reveal an individual’s communication skills, problem-solving abilities, level of professionalism or other skills important for the practice of medicine.

Ninety percent of UNC’s students who apply to medical school get in…let that sink in for a second.

Although the exact set-up varies from school to school, an MMI usually includes six to ten stations from eight to ten minutes in duration with a group of applicants rotating through the stations.

The instructions for the station may be posted outside the room and the applicant is given two minutes to read and analyze the instructions prior to entering the room.

Medical schools seek to admit individuals who will make not only excellent students, but ultimately become outstanding physicians.

As any patient knows, the best physicians are those who are not simply repositories of information; they are ethical, caring professionals and excellent communicators.Although MMIs can be challenging, they also offer applicants the chance to demonstrate skills and qualities that are not always evident on a written application. The existence of numerous stations, each with a different interviewer, also frees applicants from the worry of the med school interview consisting of interactions with only one or two individuals with whom they may not happen to “click.” The use of MMIs has continued to expand and may replace traditional interviews at more medical schools in the coming years. By sharing it in the comments section below you’ll help out some other seniors.

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