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Every actor, musician, or anyone, really, has to start SOMEWHERE.

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"I have a feeling people are also going to be rooting for Noah and Ginny. But Noah's character, specifically, is a really great fit for Ginny." Hilton, who was watching before he landed the role, feels the same way.There was something magical happening, down to me being a fan from Episode 1, watching it live on Thursday nights…the whole thing has been a dream come true.The only bummer is I'm only in the last two episodes. I'm getting to be a star on a show I'm already into. RELATED: 4 Reasons Stole Our Hearts Does Noah actually serenade Ginny? But I will get to say I did get to sing a lot of the song. It's always the lead of the show that sets the tone, the vibe, and man, she is the coolest.I was really into it, and I'm rooting for Ginny and Mike and all of that. But I'm sure, truthfully—and this is just me as a fan saying this—I'm sure all of the players on the team are. I think he's like every guy who meets her: she's amazing, but she's out of my league. Those kinds of qualities in a person are so attractive, guy or girl, romantically or not, she's inspiring. He doesn't know anything about sports, which makes it even more hilarious. RELATED: Pitch's Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Mike's Past and Upcoming Complications with Ginny How does Ginny react to his lack of sports knowledge? I feel like you and I have seen this with actresses, where you see them dating these dudes who have nothing to do with the movie business.

Day 8 Favorite Secondary Character Chris Keller-He brought comedy to the sometimes very dramatic series. He had some of the best one liners of the entire series and just like Dan Scott there were moments when you wanted to slap him for the things he did but you just couldn't help not liking him. In the end he helped.… continue reading »

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How much is Tyler Hilton worth in 2018? Check out the actor musician his Net Worth, Salary, Houses & Cars on Muzul. Where does he live and what does Tyler Hilton own, earn & drive at age 34? + The names & photos of Family & Friends.… continue reading »

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XXX,XXX. Avg. Gross. Buy History. Averages are based on Boxoffice reports for the past 36 months. Upcoming Dates. Past Dates. Contact. Thu 04/26/2018. Kate Voegele. + Tyler Hilton. Troubadour. West Hollywood, CA. Newsletter. Stay in the loop with breaking news stories every day, direct to your inbox. Subscribe Now!… continue reading »

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