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References can include version information or reference whatever version is available.This is determined by the author of the application that references your DLL.If you already have the latest software, you don’t need to do anything! Download the firmware update file from the Canon website to your computer.If you are using a Windows PC, you will need to extract or unzip the downloaded file.You need to specify all parts of the version number (i.e. When you build your app against a signed DLL, the compiler takes a hash of the contents of the DLL and puts it in the app. NET runtime loads the app, it checks this hash against the real copy of the DLL.

You are also able to target specific plug-ins or updates for installation as well as directly access the Eclipse Marketplace.Then the version-specific reference won't be broken. I use Windows Installer to deploy my assemblies to the GAC.From a servicing perspective it's important to understand the difference between: [Assembly Version] and [Assembly File Version] The former is considered as part of the strong name contract / binding while the latter is not.CCS allows you to manage the sites/servers/repositories searched during a manual or automatic update.