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Lorenzen has a new office, a new apartment, a new life after football.He's a Super Bowl champion, a cult hero, a father of two. HIS MOTHER HAD four children, and every one was more than 10 pounds at birth. "If you're going to talk s--- like that, who are you to me?Somewhere in there, Lorenzen realized he might have a shot at the NFL.After finishing at Kentucky he hired Leigh Steinberg as his agent.

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He put a radar gun on them, and most threw 52 to 54 mph -- decent NFL speed. He and Tamara -- they'd been dating since high school -- had a daughter named Taylar the summer after Lorenzen's junior year at UK."My pants are a 54, but that's because my thighs are so damn big," he says. The day after the Seahawks crushed the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, Lorenzen suited up at quarterback for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League, the latest in a string of indoor teams he's played with in recent years. The league streamed the game live online, and a guy from a site called Barstool Sports started posting Vines of Lorenzen zipping passes and dodging blitzers."I have to cinch my belt way down or my pants fall off."Jared and I have a lot in common, but in a couple of key ways we're different. Lorenzen is the all-time leading passer at Kentucky and earned a Super Bowl ring backing up Eli Manning for the Giants. Lorenzen was bigger than anybody else on the field and also better. By the time Lorenzen got back to the locker room, images of him stuffed into that jersey had pinged around the world.At home in Kentucky, Lorenzen convinced himself he didn't have a chance. When the Giants invited him back in 2005, Tamara said he had to try or they were through.

He was so sure he'd get cut that he didn't report to training camp. He drove 12 hours to camp in Albany, New York, so homesick he cried the whole way. He was the third-string quarterback that first year, then Eli's main backup in 2006 and '07.

Buy ESPN's Fantasy Football Guide Wickersham: How Chip Kelly got his start »Dominik: The ultimate 53-man roster »Van Valkenburg: What to make of Ray Rice »ESPN NFL team previews Fleming: How Patrick Peterson plays corner Staff: NFL Nation confidential NFL home »JARED LORENZEN AND I are in love with the same woman. "But I'll kill a Fudge Round."We bond over clothes from Casual Male XL. He talks with Tommy Tomlinson about his career and his battle with his weight.

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