Updating boot support partition for the volume as required Desi webcam live

12-Dec-2017 14:14

I lost all my files but had it backed up onto a cloud drive so am currently rebuilding the MAC Os side back up again.

From an operational point of view, both the MAC OS partition and the bootcamp Windows 10 seem to be working fine again although restoring all the content to MAC partition is a pain and time consuming. I did notice after upgrading the Windows 10 to Creator version that some of the apps that were previously installed started complaining about needing to be licensed again so I am assuming there's a problem with Windows 10 Creator edition upgrade on a Bootcamp setup.

I'm really not sure what to do , and usually i would just wipe the entire disk but this partition has 5 extremely important files that must be backed up.

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as of Hi, I've now removed those two drivers from the windows/system32/drivers directory and have rebooted and logged in.The only thing I can see is that it happened directly after a windows update from the Bootcamp.Both third-party softwares have challenges in leaving clean file systems when being shutdown.It is interesting that the EFI partition (FAT) was repaired, but the other two partitions seem to be fine.

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Please post back if you see any issues, before you try and correct them. Hi tjk, Thanks for the reply, I went and tried that but it wouldn't fix the disk, kept getting a "incorrect number of threads error".

Cheers So its been running ok for a month after I managed to reload the MACos partition but it has crashed again.