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22-Oct-2017 13:25

You need to have your boot drive on the primary ribbon cable with the jumpers set to master and it should be placed on the end of the ribbon cable. heavy computer usage would be under computer gaming only and not online gaming, just plain solo play.The other drive on that cable needs to have jumpers set to slave and be on the middle connector. as far as potential virus threats are concerned, my Asquared Free and AVG proved helpful for more than a year now as it detected and quarantined low-risk viruses (from traceware cookies) and USB.the "unexplained" errors i report to the tech shop where i bought the pc always end up with a reformat.that's why i got used to their "troubleshoot" method, realized that i can learn to reformat disk with my OS. I am assuming from what you said that you have only the two drives (maybe I missed one in reading), is that correct? If you have only the two, then make the Maxtor the Master (jumpers set like that) on the primary IDE connector, and put in on the end of the ribbon cable.however i'm still stuck up to it and when it says "Boot from CD: " i inserted my OS or that cutepartitionmanager cd and it would end up "LBA out of range..." sometimes just plain "Disk read error..CTRL ALT DEL to restart" or " Disk boot failure insert system disk and press ENter" i considered the age of this rig and bought a new Li battery 3V for my CMOS battery.(yes this week and what short period since last week's reformat).during the reformat when i installed WIn XP it was weird when i was asked to choose where to install XP 'cos the !!!

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Ok to setting the CDrom to MASTER on the Secondary. i will try get back online 8hours from now to post the outcome of your advice. i'm sorry, Tumbleweed36 i haven't been able to login last night.for anyone who might encounter a situation like mine, remember: 1.to check the jumper settings of your hard drive (THANKS TUMBLEWEED for the advice! buy a new, keep a spare or borrow from a friend's 40- or 80-pin ribbon IDE cable in order to determine if it's your IDE cables which are at fault 3. buy a new hard drive (in my case it's not that new 'cos i can't afford to buy one good quality), keep a spare or borrow from a friend's hard drive 5.ADDITIONAL SETUP: my i didn't include the floppy disk in the boot order even though it is installed. attached the DVDLite On to the SEC_IDE with the 40-pin cable. checked that the red marks along the ribbon cables correspond to the pin1 from mobo and devices. the POST doesn't have those weird names for my Maxtor anymore. i also realized that the warranty sticker has the date sometime in 2005 (and not 2002 as i wrote above; i didn't open my computer then but hastily guessed).

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my Maxtor is attached to a brand new ribbon cable (from the DVD/Liteon which i recently bought; its original ribbon cable was connected to the DVD instead) Let's back up a bit. and it acknowledged my HD as Primary Master and DVD as secondary slave. i never used the computer at home to surf video porn sites.

here's what happened: after i followed your instructions setting the HD and its jumper to master settings; and setting DVDrom and its jumper to master setting, the POST screen and BIOS correctly confirmed the setup as primary master & psecondary master.

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