Updating firmware for dvd players samsung

07-Feb-2017 22:39

Software updates for Samsung Blu-ray players can add functionality and fix problems with the device's programming.If Samsung discovers bugs or other software problems after a Blu-ray model goes to market, it can push out an update to resolve the issue.Alternatively, if you don't see a Download Complete dialog box, navigate to where you you saved the software update file. Copy the files you extracted into a folder and then paste them onto the empty thumb drive.Right-click the ZIP file you downloaded and then click "Extract All." Choose a destination for extracting the contents of the ZIP file, click to check the box next to "Show extracted files when complete" and then click "Extract." After all of the files have been extracted, a window appears displaying the extracted contents. Disconnect the thumb drive from your computer and then connect it to the USB port on the Samsung Blu-ray player.I have contacted Samsung and asked them if after the upgrade they will correct my player and fix regional code ... I think that if Singapore site post firmware upgrade than it shoud keep my player code free... I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down.Hi, I have recently purchased a BD-P3600 and have many region 1 and region 2 disks. I imported a Samsung Blu-ray player from the USA to South Africa (not thinking of the consequences of course), only to find out that the player is region locked for region 1. The only way to get it to shut down is to hold the physical power button down till it shuts down. After the update is installed, the Blu-ray player will restart and the update is complete.

A dialog box will appear indicating the status of the update download.Click "ZIP" to the right of any firmware updates that are detected.Click "Send" in the message that appears from the Samsung Global Download Center to accept the terms and conditions associated with downloading the firmware file.Connect the thumb drive to your Samsung Blu-ray player.

Ensure there is no disc in the Blu-ray player and then connect the thumb drive to the USB port on the Blu-ray player.

Turn on the Blu-ray player, remove any discs from the device and then select "Settings" on the home screen.