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Quote site commands (over FTP) For more information, see “ Quote site command” on page 16.For information on CLI commands, see the Speed Touch™ Pages 1 You must or to post a reply Pages 1 You must or to post a reply Dec 13, 2005 AM Aha, this may be something Looking at the transcript in Terminal171014.774680 i Sight Built-in171014.778042 Internal microphone171014.778742 Line In171015.092528

126 About this User’s Guide About this User’s Guide Used Symbols A note provides additional information about a topic.

ACT 5.5 allows you to assess Windows 7 and IE8 compatibility, control information sent to the Compatibility Exchange, and label data collection packages by role. Check out with Jeremy Chapman, Windows Senior Product Manager. Speed Touch™716v5 (WL)(Wireless) Residential DSL Gateway with Voice User’s Guide Release R5.3.1Speed Touch™716v5 WL only Speed Touch™ 716v5 (WL) User’s Guide R5.3.1 Copyright Copyright ©1999-2005 THOMSON. Passing on, and copying of this document, use and communication of its contents is not permitted without written authorization from THOMSON.

The content of this document is furnished for informational use only, may be subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by THOMSON.

Vo IP PWR DSL PPP Ethernet USB WLAN Phone Ready 12 34 12 Following table shows the meaning of the different LEDs: Indicator Description Name Colour State PWR Green On Power on, normal operation Red On Startup pending Flashing Updating firmware Off Power off DSL Green Flashing DSL line trying Chapter 1 Your Speed Touch™ Indicator Description Name Colour State USB Green Flashing USB activity On USB connection, no activity Off Power off or wait for USB connection going up WLAN Green Flashing Wireless activity (Speed Touch™7 On Wireless LAN enabled 16v5 WL only) Off Wireless LAN disabled Phone 1-2 Green On The phone is off hook Off The phone is on hook or no phone connected Vo IP Ready Green On Vo IP service up Flashing Vo IP activity Off Vo IP service down E-DOC-CTC-20050401-0008 v1.0 9 Chapter 1 Your Speed Touch™ 1.3 How to Access your Speed Touch™ Access methods Your Speed Touch™ is accessible in one of following ways: Access Method Can be used to: Web Configure your Speed Touch™ via HTTP or HTTPS.

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For more information, see “1.3.1 Access via the Web Interface” on page 11.2 In the address bar type your Speed Touch™’s IP address or DNS host name, by default that is ‘ or ‘’. For remote assistance the secure version, https, in combination with certificates is used; provide your ISP with the https link, user name and password before he can lo Chapter 1 Your Speed Touch™ 1.3.2 Access via CLI Command Line You can access the Command Line Interface (CLI) via: Interface (CLI) A Telnet session This requires that TCP/IP connectivity exists between the host from which the Telnet session is opened and the Speed Touch™.Your Speed Touch™ and the connected PC must have an IP address in the same subnet.5) Type following commands: administrator= exit That's all.