Updating open office in ubuntu problems with using carbon dating

10-Feb-2018 15:03

Choose operating system Choose language How do I install Libre Office?

The Open Office Scribblers PPA was finally updated and it now hosts the latest Open 3.2 packages for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) for now.

About three years have passed since the spinoff, and clear differences now exist between Open Office and Libre Office.

Of course, the two siblings still look confusingly similar at the start – the differences are hidden in the details.

I will look at where the two packages differ, referring to the four most important tools from the suites: the Writer word processor, the Calc spreadsheet, the Draw drawing program, and the Impress presentation tool.

The “Installing the Current Versions” box shows how to set up the latest versions on an Ubuntu system.

The sidebar also displays icons for Styles and Formatting; an image Gallery, movies, and similar objects; as well as the helpful Navigator.

You can optionally undock the sidebar from the program window, for example, to push it onto another screen.

Instead of the ancient and no longer maintained text layout engine, the software now relies on Harf Buzz.We wrote about installing Open Office from the official website and installing Go-OO but those didn't support upgrades since they weren't installed through a repository and also the desktop environment integration wasn't the best, therefore using the packages in the Open Office Scribblers PPA is the recommended way of installing / upgrading Open Office to version 3.2 in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic).Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team You don't appear to have Java Script enabled in your browser.They formed the Document Foundation and developed what was the current version of Open Office at the time, under the name Libre Office.

They quickly published the first version, although this was only rebadging, simply to demonstrate that the project was alive.This function is also available for the Calc spreadsheet and Impress presentation tool.The New Sidebar The most striking difference between the two word processors is the new sidebar in Open Office Writer (Figure 1).This engine in the background supports Open Type fonts and special fonts, such as Arabic, in a superior way and – according to the project team – boosts the performance of Writer.