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Start application with Browser Toolbox (formerly Browser Debugger). Tells the application that it is being launched by the OS shell. Note that on Windows this only works with a redirection such as (bug 355889). Write messages for the debugging console into the window which launched the application instead of opening a new window for the debugging messages. This option is available only in a command console.Command line options are entered after the command to start the application. (This is noted in the option descriptions below.) Multiple command line options can be specified. In general, the syntax is as follows: The example above invokes the "-Profile Manager" command line option with Mozilla's Thunderbird mail client. I bumped into this annoyance while updating my open SUSE 11.4 workstation tonight.There are numerous mentions of this issue on the net, and numerous suggestions for addressing it.

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Normally, I update and install apps using zypper (e.g., zypper up Mozilla Firefox).Create a new profile in the default directory, but do not start application. Runs Firefox in headless mode, which is very useful for purposes such as debugging and automated testing. The profile will be named Note: Since Firefox 9, this does really mean what its name implies on all platforms, i.e. Available in Firefox 55 on Linux, and Firefox 56 on Windows/Mac OS X. instances created with this parameter do not accept or send remote commands, see bug 650078. Also when using this argument a new instance is created in any case. If you don't specify a profile name then the profile manager is opened instead.