Updating software upgrades

19-Jan-2017 06:45

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Unlike its competitors, Doctor Web’s principled position is to release updates as frequently as possible so as to minimise the time period during which new threats can pose a danger.

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If firmware is upgradable, it is often done via a program from the provider, and will often allow the old firmware to be saved before upgrading so it can be reverted to if the process fails, or if the newer version performs worse.When required, you can change this setting by doing the following: right-click on the Dr.Web icon located in the bottom-right corner of the system tray.This file will be declared a virus only after its virus signature has been added to the Dr. But no anti-virus software vendor will ever guarantee you that today won’t be the day that somebody writes a brand new virus that can’t be detected by even the most perfect heuristic analyser.

As a rule, malicious programs reach their victims at the same time they reach the Doctor Web anti-virus laboratory for analysis, and in the case of the newest malicious programs (those not yet detected by any available mechanism), anti-virus analysts need time to develop and test a “cure”.

Then, in the context menu, select No, that’s not true.

What’s the difference between updating the anti-virus components virus database updatesas well as upgrades of the software modules as they are made… continue reading »

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