Updating spade to modular phones

14-Sep-2017 05:03

These transmit data and power between the Mod and the phone.

That means the USB port remains free and unused, regardless of which Mod you have clipped onto Z-series device.

Here's a run-down of the Moto Mods available and a nod to the future of what to expect next.

Each Mod attaches to the back of any Moto Z-series phone using the a collection of really strong built-in magnets.

Lenovo launched the Moto Z in 2016, followed by big-battery Moto Z Play in the same year.

For 2017 and into 2018 the Z2 Play and Z2 Force are the two updated models in the series (there will be no "standard" Z2).

Brightness is also limited, as you might expect from a unit of this size. A rigid cradle to position any Moto Z phone into, the Game Pad comes with all the physical controls you could need to transform the phone into a gaming device.

Created by Lenovo - you can tell, given the illuminated red Legion symbol to the pad's rear (that's the gaming arm of Lenovo) - paired with an older-gen or second-hand phone and it's a great way to play Android games when on the go.

The key to operation comes from the 16 golden contact points on the back of the phone, above a contact strip.Unlike the digital zoom of a built-in phone camera, this unit can zoom in without losing any quality until you get to the 10x limit.Its f/3.5-f/6.5 aperture is modest, however, as is its highest resolution video capture which sits at 1080p30.Like any good camera, you can adjust any settings like shutter speed, manual focus, aperture, ISO sensitivity, white balance and exposure. A Xenon flash is built-in for more even, brighter flash coverage.