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Google Chrome could not connect to localhost:[port]" (in Chrome) or "Unable to load Live Development page" (in Brackets), verify that your local server has been started.As noted above, live HTML updating is disabled when using your own custom local server.The Live Preview lightning bolt icon should be also colored red and have a tooltip of "Live Preview (not updating due to syntax error)" in this case, but there's a known bug being tracked as issue #7126 where this sometimes doesn't happen.See issue #7126 for an illustrated description including the line number and icon coloring.During this delay, you will see the "Installing Brackets" - "Please wait while Brackets is installed" page of the installer but with 0% progress. If so, file an issue or find us on IRC or the mailing list and we'll try to figure it out.The length of this delay may vary, depending on your individual system. This may happen when trying to run 32-bit Brackets on 64-bit Linux.This will not affect any Brackets settings, but may clear up Live Preview problems.

In this case, it should color the line number in red (but this can be scrolled out of view) so scroll through entire page to verify that there are no highlighted line numbers.

If you had previously used Brackets, your cache may have information that is conflicting with the most recent version. Please verify that you've downloaded the correct build. Some (but not all) Live Development features require a node server, which means being in the current project, so make sure the files that you want to use with Live Development are in the current project.

This occurs when trying to run Brackets on Debian 7 (Wheezy). There is a known issue (which is fixed in release 0.43) that if HTML file is in project tree (i.e.

Most Brackets extensions don't impact performance, but some may slow down Brackets (for example Show Whitespace can cause slow typing performance).

Try to quickly check if the problem is being caused by an extension.This section describes known issues and work-arounds specific to Multi-Browser Live Preview.In order to make it work with Internet Explorer 11, disable all the options that IE uses to include sites in the local intranet (unchecked all the items at to quickly see if the problem is being caused by an extension.The Theseus[1][2] and CSS Shapes Editor[3] extensions are known to cause problems with Live Preview, and other extensions could potentially interfere also.