Updating torrents for windows 98

02-Nov-2017 20:59

Ormandy also provided proof-of-concept exploits for μTorrent Web and μTorrent desktop (1 and 2), which are capable of passing malicious commands through the domain in order to get them to execute on the targeted computer.

Last month, Ormandy demonstrated same attack technique against the Transmission Bit Torrent app.

According to Ormandy, u Torrent apps are vulnerable to a hacking technique called the "domain name system rebinding" that could allow any malicious website a user visits to execute malicious code on user's computer remotely.

"This requires some simple DNS rebinding to attack remotely, but once you have the secret you can just change the directory torrents are saved to, and then download any file anywhere writable," Ormandy explained.

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Researchers believe Media Get that signed is likely to be a victim of the supply chain attack, similar to CCleaner hack that infected over 2.3 million users with the backdoored version of the software in September 2017.

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