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Q16 - What do I have to do if I receive an error message?Q17 - Is it possible to have the name and/or the address linked to a VAT number?Q12 - What do I have to do if my own VAT number appears as invalid?Q13 - What do I have to do if the VAT number of my customer appears as invalid?If the number quoted by your customer, even after checking, continues to be ‘invalid’, you should ask that business to contact his/her tax administration to request that the data in the national VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) be updated (only national tax administrations can update VIES data).

If the customer does not have a valid VAT number, then the supplier will charge VAT.

The valid VAT number of your customer should be mentioned on your invoice.

Taxable persons making the intra-Community supplies report the total supplies in the relevant quarter to each taxable person in another Member State on a recapitulative statement which is submitted to the tax administration of the taxable person making the supply.

Q1 - What is VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) on-the-web? Q3 - Why do certain software suppliers ask for a VAT identification number when I purchase over the internet?

Q4 - Information available on VIES on-the-web is not correct; how to correct it?The changes are not validated by the European Commission.If a VAT number is shown as invalid, in the first instance check with your customer that the number quoted is correct (correct number of characters, correct length and country prefix).Q5 - Can I make batch requests via VIES on the Web? Q7 - The system indicates that a number is invalid. Q8 - Do I need to have a valid VAT identification number for my customer before I make an intra-EU supply of goods or services?