Validating identity xp wpa

05-Jun-2017 17:46

It's mixed letters and numbers, 32 characters long. Still "waiting for reply" in the main screen, and "cannot find certificate" on the pop-up.And if I try again and return to the settings again, it is reset to Open/AES.For validating Identity, you might be using a pre-shared key password either wpa or wpa2 or both. And after an hour and a half on the phone, I was no further along.

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I'm currently doing a spare-parts build to put a media computer in the living room, and having a devil of a time getting my Rosewill RNX-6300 wireless card to connect to my network.

I can't figure out why I can't get it up and running now.

There's no WPA2 on the card, just WPA and WPA-PSK: WPA-PSK was the only setting that would let me enter a network key.

your card does not support wpa2 if i am reading your dropdown list correctly on your card.

You can try stepping up encryption to wpa/tkip, wpa-psk/aes, wpa-psk/tkip however the settings must be the same on both your router and your card.

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