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02-Apr-2017 04:39

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It’s super simple to use, easy to get registered on, completely secure, and free as long as you don’t want any special treatment.Either way, you get to watch a bunch of desperate skanks move mountains to make you cum.Regardless of their nomenclature, we are docking them 1 point for being homophobic douchebags.

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Getting a fat paycheck to sit around and test out the latest and greatest sex toys, visit virtual hooker sites, and play with ourselves all day isn’t a bad way to make a living.

Before all that bullshit though, make sure you check out the “New Models” tab at the top so you can move past those worn-out sluts who seem to be everywhere.

While you’re there, click on the “Calendar” tab to see what special shows are coming up.

Select your language, click on a girl you like, do a search, or peruse a pre-determined category, and then become a virtual pimp for one of these desperately horny hoes.

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Anyone who has a yellow “gold show” banner on the bottom of their picture will do nasty shit for paying members. We had to check it out; not necessarily for you guys, but because we were curious for ourselves.

It’s clear to everybody why a lot of dudes are jealous of our perverted profession.