Where can i find the best sissy chat

02-Apr-2017 05:12

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Oh there you are, give a little curtsy to our guests. Oh yes he is a well trained little, well I hate to use the word sissy. Oh I don’t want to get into that just smile and bear up like a good girl. Sissy is good shoe polisher, and she looks cute at your feet Paul, she has gotten used to serving at a woman’s foot but doing foot service for a man in new to her. She can slip your pumps off and even remove your stockings then the little dear can put that talented tongue of hers to work on those tired feet.Oh that is sweet; you have been practicing that little curtsy haven’t you? Oh don’t give me that look, you are more girl than boy now, aren’t you? Don’t look up sissy, you have a job to do and when his shoes are done you still owe him a foot rub. Sissy, you have been told not to look up, you have just about earned a spanking. You know what they say about a man with a large foot, don’t you dear? Missy here used to wear those till she traded them in for her little pumps. Paul I believe our blushing sissy can’t take her eyes off your shoes. Paul sissy gives a good shoe polish job, and those new shoes could use a coat of polish to protect them.

Oh don’t look that way, your feet are darling now in your little girl shoes. While she has your shoes off she could give you a nice foot rub.

I've been watching Gigi Gorgeous on You Tube, and me & her are so alike hehe!

^-^ You can even see her making videos as she's transitioning, and she knows & shares so much about makeup it's amazing!

You remember Pam and her husband Paul don’t you sweetheart? But be that as it may you were the one that was caught. I found out of course and confronted him; he burst into tears and told the whole story. Sit in front of Paul dear and take off his shoes, that’s a good girl.

I am sure Paul wouldn’t be caught dead in a sissy little dress like you have on. Sissy when you are done with Pam’s pretty feet run and get your shoeshine kit so you can polish up Paul’s shoes. Oh well he ordered a couple of things on the internet, it was so cute a little girls dress with Mary Jane shoes in his size and a black satin maids dress with fishnets and patent pumps. Paul sissy will remove your shoes there is no need for you to do it.If you are the female dominant partner, you are the domme. So, both you and your partner could switch roles, too.But you are looking for someone to turn you into a sissy as a form of punishment and make you do things that give you pleasure. If you are some who can sometimes be a dom and sometimes sub, you are called a switch. Well, a dominatrix makes things quite easy for you, especially if you want to keep these fantasies anonymous or don’t have an ideal partner to help you play out the role sissy boy. The dom/domme and sub relationship can be monogamous or polyamorous. If you are the dominating partner, you will find pleasure in controlling the other person.