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Margaret Holder has been writing about the Royal Family in newspapers and magazines for thirty years.She also broadcasts frequently on the BBC, both radio and television.

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Liz, who is herself dating a mysterious, single rock star, informed readers of her diary that a female friend who is ‘well connected when it comes to famous people’, told her that ‘she has it on good authority that a famous rock star, with an uber-famous wife, is having an affair with his backing singer’. Why would he do that, when he is married to someone so rich, so famous, so beautiful, and the mother of his children? They want you to be in awe of them.” Wow, wow, wow! There are several stars reputedly entertaining women who are not their wives.From there, she went to Company magazine, where she eventually became a staff writer.For 10 years, she was a fashion journalist at The Sunday Times."One night, after sex," she wrote, "I took the used condom and, in the privacy of the bathroom, I did what I had to do.