Who is bridgit mendler dating december 2016 timothy hutton dating

22-Feb-2018 11:30

she is not a real celeb she had a third class show when i was 5years old :-)) haha and later ZAMBO had another show on a channel 33 not really famous but how it come you mentioned her?

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Bridgit’s great-grandfather Edward was the son of German immigrants, Herman Mendler and Magdelena Zimmerman. Geney, was born in France, and Constance’s mother, Camille M. Bridgit’s paternal grandmother is Anne Raeder (the daughter of Oscar Jacob Raeder and Mildred Munro Woodsum). Kenneth was the son of Arthur Lee Ford and Ethel M. Dorothy was the daughter of Harry Ulysses Bailey and Eliza Jane Colver.Virginia was the daughter of Harry Linden Rumble and Fairie O’Grady.Sources: Genealogy of Bridgit Mendler – of Bridgit’s paternal great-grandfather, Oscar Jacob Raeder (focusing on his own father’s side) – of Bridgit’s paternal great-grandmother, Mildred Munro Woodsum (focusing on her own mother’s side) – maternal great-grandfather, Kenneth Arthur Ford, on the 1920 U. Census – https://Genealogy of Bridgit’s maternal great-great-grandmother, Ethel M.Unlike many singers and actresses her age, Mendler has managed to retain a clean, sweet image as she has entered adulthood.