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She can be ALLEGEDLY dating a member of a lesbian band or another assumed-to-be-gay actress, be BFF with out director Jamie Babbit and Tegan and Sara or any other celesbian you could also mention at a potluck party, but until she decides to say “Here’s how I relate to my character in the gay way,” we’ll probably just continue speculating/wishing/hoping/praying.

What would it matter if Clea were, in fact, gay and came out as such?

It seems she is doing best job without harming others and has been a straight person in her life, for which she has not been in any controversy yet.

The next time I go to a lesbian party, I’m going to play a game called “Take a shot every time someone mentions Clea Du Vall.” I’d be tipsy in no time, just wandering around asking, “Hey guys, what was your root? I admit that I, too, fell under the spell of the black button-down shirt at the Cocksucker.

And then to have someone just walk in her house and tell her that the person that she loved more than anything had been hurt but then also say that she’s going to tear her life apart — I definitely have compassion for her and understand the position she was put in. But it’s exciting to see an out lesbian playing such a pivotal part in a major storyline such as this one, especially with the commentary it makes on ex-gay conversion therapy and lesbianism as a mental illness in the 1960s.

Obviously it isn’t necessary that lesbian actresses play these lesbian roles, but it does kind of add an admirable element.

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You look at how many gay characters are on television and in movies and actors just aren’t afraid to do that any more.

Today actresses like Sarah Paulson are proof that sexuality is becoming less and less a factor in the parts people are chosen to play (or not play). It used to be actresses who played gay would feel they were limited in the future based on their decision to play a lesbian one time.

In 2012, Hollywood has had enough lesbian and bisexual roles and actresses who have played them that it’s no longer such a stigma.

Clea Du Vall was born as Clea Helen D’etienne Du Vall on 25 September 1977, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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She is the only daughter of American parents Steph Du Vall and Rosemary Hatch. Her parents divorced when she was twelve years old.

The same year, she also appeared in a recurring role in the second season of the FX anthology horror-drama series, starring Leisha Hailey, Carnivale co-star Carla Gallo and herself.