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21-Dec-2017 23:24

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"She said yes" poor Fifi Box is on the front,' co-host Byron Cooke announced during the show.'So according to Woman's Day, Fifi Box is engaged to... 'Having been silent during the intro, Fifi admitted to being embarrassed they were even talking about the subject, before quickly dispelling the rumour she was engaged to the father of her daughter Trixie.'I am really sorry, I know you wanted me to be engaged, but surprise, surprise - another made up headline.'Feigning sadness by the announcement that he already knew wasn't true, a co-host referenced the blonde beauty's new partner, code-named 'Steven' to hide his true identity.'Well I don't know who to trust anymore!

' he cried, 'Steven just almost drove off the road reading this, and now he's found out you're NOT engaged!? 'Referencing more rumours of her past relationships, her co-hosts continued with their half-serious questioning.'Dr Chris Brown was in here earlier, and that was awkward because you were dating him! With a slightly frustrated tone, Fifi replied: 'Well NO I wasn't dating him! 'Without skipping a beat, the former AFL legend brought up the magazine's next reported lover.'And the next guest we had in, Samuel Johnson, you dated him! 'While it seemed Brendan was already expecting a denial, a few moments of silence rang out before Fifi's gained the confidence to reply.'That was a long time ago!

So when reports emerged in Woman's Day stating Fifi Box, 40, was engaged to Grant Kenny, it was news to her as well.'I am officially not engaged!

' She confirmed on Fox FM on Monday, denying claims made by Women's Day, but confirming she does in fact have a boyfriend.'At every after-after party there's magazines, and look at that cover, Fev, Dave?

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anymore reality dating shows on your TV, another one pops onto your radar.

She's been spotted on several occasions with rumoured new boyfriend Damien Richardson, 47.Grant Denyer returned to Sunrise as weather presenter.In November 2010, it was revealed that Box was hired as a co-host with Jules Lund on Fifi and Jules across the Today Network leaving Friday's show open for Hamish and Andy to do their show. In November 2013, Box announced that she was going to co-host Fifi & Dave with Dave Thornton on Fox FM in 2014 replacing Jo Stanley and Matt Tilley.' she said of the 2017 Gold Logie winner, as members of the studio gasped in apparent surprise.'It was post Secret Life Of Us, about 2004'A mixture of impressed and annoyed, she insisted that 'nobody knew' about that relationship, and that it was only a 'couple of dates.'After her co-hosts had sorted through the magazine's rumours, they decided to confirm that Fifi did in-fact currently have a boyfriend.'I don't know if he knows about this cover, so I might just need to make a quick phone call to ensure him I'm not engaged! It's unclear if the personality was referring to actor Damien Richardson, although no other potential boyfriend rumours have surfaced in recent months.

and within months, was picked up by the Triple M network to co-host a national night show based on relationships.

The show is co-developed by Seven Studios and Eureka Productions and produced by Eureka for Channel Seven.

Fifi Box announced as host of Channel 7's new dating show, The First Wives won't believe who is returning to Neighbours. Neighbours star Scott McGregor's and his fiancé Bianka Voigt welcome their first baby. Home.… continue reading »

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Fifi Box is believed to have a new boyfriend. The Australian television star, who is best known for her entertainment reporter role on morning show Sunrise, reportedly met an unnamedShe has allegedly told friends that they have had lots of Skype dates and that there is great chemistry between them.… continue reading »

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Fifi Box has just announced that she'll be hosting a brand new show called First Wives Club, which sees women searching for love for the second will be joined by dating expert Matthew Hussey on the show, who will advise the women on dating life and help them find love.… continue reading »

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Fiona "Fifi" Box born 5 March 1977 is an Australian radio broadcaster, television presenter and actress. Box's early career was spent in regional Australia working at stations 2MC/ROXFM Port Macquarie, 3TR Traralgon and 3GG Warragul.… continue reading »

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Fifi box denied a recent report she was engaged to Grant Kenny on Fox FM Monday, before confirming she dated Gold Logie winner Samuel denied she's engaged to Grant pictured who is the father of her child. 'Well NO I wasn't dating him!… continue reading »

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