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"Once Ben and Melissa finished their dinner, they went over to talk to Sandra at her table," an eyewitness told Us."Sandra got up out of her seat and gave Melissa a huge hug." Morris was seen walking out of the eatery with Bullock — and while his wife was not in the shot, he was visibly donning his wedding ring."People say, 'You just need to hook up with a bunch of people,' but I am more of an in-love kind of person. found an interview from March 29, 2010, of Howard’s radio show in which he quizzed the actress about living apart from her director hubby.“Your husband lives in LA,” the funny guy says to Mary, who starred as his wife, Alison, in 1997’s Mary responds, “He visits us [Mary and their two young daughters — they’d go on to welcome a third in 2011] on the weekend. I love Mary and I said, ‘I worry for Mary’s life with her husband.’”The blond starlet questions, “Do you really? Like Jesse James.”Mary insists he’s wrong, saying he’s so sweet and “not built like that.”“I don’t think Jesse James and Michael Morris are really in the same…” she says, before Howard cuts her off, “Well, I do.

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I think we are all on that journey to have more awareness about who we are as a person and to grow and learn." The now single star admits, as someone who has rarely been single, she doesn't really know what she's doing when it comes to dating.Mary Mc Cormack has learned to forgive -- though we doubt forget ...the actress and her cheating hubby Michael Morris look very much still together despite those pics of him kissing Katharine Mc Phee.More recently, he played the role of Leo Spiller, brother of lead character Lucy Spiller (Courteney Cox), in the FX series Dirt.