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Jenny and Lola arrive at the Coopers' and the Andersons' for their respective babysitting jobs.Jenny is told by Donna Cooper (Gabrielle Miller) not to let Emily (Nikki Hahn) do anything to her hair, nor to let Katy (Mallory James Mahoney) go through her mother's jewelry box.She becomes angry with Lola, but Lola suggests driving to the Psychic Rockets concert to explain everything.Lola trades her precious camera in exchange for Jenny's admission so Jenny and Zac can reconcile. Upon arrival, they find out about a much bigger mess.Lola is cleared of all charges and when she goes to meet with the group.The derby team starts fighting among themselves and provides enough distraction for the seven to get away.

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He scolds her for trying to scalp the ticket, pointing out that she could have been hurt and is setting a bad example for her babysitting charges.

The group makes it to the car only to find that it is being towed.

The truck owner tells them that they need 0 to pay off the fine and have until midnight to pay it off.

In the shop, Bobby accidentally lets loose a rare Sapphire Ferret and Lola takes a picture of the commotion for her photography resume.

Since the animal is illegal, the pawn shop owners Tiny (Michael Northey) and Scalper (Ken Lawson) chase the seven out of the store, trying to delete the photo from Lola's camera.

When out, Tiny and Scalper chases after AJ, while the group steals Tiny and Scalper's car and chases.