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08-Mar-2017 18:22

One of those close was her boyfriend, music mogul, Damon Dash. Nothing prepares you for that," Dash tells Billboard.com's The Juice.

Dame and Aaliyah's relationship grew from a friendship that had sprung when they met through his accountant close to 2000.

She was always gone for like four months at a time, then come back and be gone for another month.

She had to rehearse and I was doing my own thing, so it was really hard for us to get long stretches of time together.

"So it would have never happened that way."Dash explained that he had been against her going to the Bahamas to shoot the "Rock the Boat" video in the first place, but she felt like she had to go.

And when she told him that she didn't like the plane that they were supposed to fly out on, again he warned her against it.

"The energy we created together for people to observe was kind of crazy.

We'd be in a room full of people talking to each other and it felt like everyone was listening but it would be just us.

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Thursday marks ten years since we were struck with the devastating news that one of music's most talented artists, Aaliyah, had died in a small plane crash in The Bahamas.

Every time I was around her I felt it was the place to be." "Our time together meant so much that when we got more time, we felt like that [engagement] would be next," Dame says.

(in an episode airing Tuesday, April 19), the iconic R&B singer's ex-boyfriend Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash reflected on the scenario that led to Aaliyah's untimely passing, saying if he had been there things probably would have been different.

Soon thereafter the couple was inseparable, smooching in snapshopts and roaming from movie premieres, softball games to the Hamptons.

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Photos: Aaliyah and Her Famous Friends "She was intelligent and she caught me," Dash tells The Juice.According to an investigation, the twin-engine Cessna 402B was 700 pounds over its weight limit. The 44-year-old said : "She told me she was going to the Bahamas and I was against it like, "Yo, don't go." And then down to the last, we had the Blackberry, down to the last Blackberry that we had, before she went there, she was like, "Yo, I don't like that plane." And I was like, "Don't get on it." And she was just like, "You know, I gotta do it." You know, it was a complicated situation, but she had to go do that video.So you know if I was there, I would have made sure that that jet that was supposed to be for her, the g4, she would have been on that.When you're with someone like that you buy into a life of being separate, but again, I couldn't help my feelings," Dame says.

Aaliyah's family later filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Blackhawk International Airways, which was settled out of court. Aaliyah's music has continued to achieve commercial success with several posthumous releases. Aaliyah has sold an estimated 24 to 32 million albums worldwide. She has been credited for helping.… continue reading »

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May 25, 2011. Why can't folks let Babygirl rest in peace? A new book scheduled for release this summer makes the shocking claim that R. Kelly gave Aaliyah a gut full before he put a ring on it back in the day. In an excerpt leaked online former R.… continue reading »

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Aug 24, 2011. As the tenth year anniversary of Aaliyah's death quickly approaches Thurs. Aug. 25, boyfriend and music. Quickly after wrapping up her first film "Romeo Must Die," which she also executive produced the soundtrack to, Aaliyah began working on her second film, "Queen of the Damned." "She was always.… continue reading »

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Though she was only 22 when she died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001, R&B icon Aaliyah accomplished more than most people could in a century. And now she's the subject of a new buzzed about TV biopic. Author Sara Bibel; Publish date Nov 12, 2014; Social count 8454. 8.5K. SHARES. Aaliyah Photo. Aaliyah.… continue reading »

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Damon Dash Opens Up About Aaliyah's Death on 'The Real' 'If I Was There, It Probably Would Have Been Different' Exclusive. 4/18/2016 by Colin Stutz. And then down to the last -- we had the Blackberry -- down to the last Blackberry that we had, before she went there, she was like, 'Yo, I don't like that plane.' And I was.… continue reading »

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Jan 22, 2016. He acknowledged that Aaliyah, who died at the age of 22 in a tragic plane crash, can no longer speak for herself, but said “there was a time that she was plenty here, after that rumor and all of that stuff started.” “Her mother, her father, anybody else could speak and say whatever they wanted,” he said.… continue reading »

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