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However, there may be unavoidable delays in transmission.

Officers also must complete information regarding the traffic stop, which takes time. State Patrol officers absolutely do not have a quota for issuing citations.

There is no minimum age, but a child has to ride behind the driver (cannot sit in front of the driver), and has to wear a helmet.

The child has to be able to reach the foot pegs - the foot pegs can legally be raised.

Other citation assessments and fees help finance various state and county court and legal functions. An officer might interpret someone suddenly exiting their car and approaching him/her as a threat.

Stay put and refrain from a lot of movement--even if it is simply to tidy up your car. For cars, the requirement is two-inches plus or minus manufacturers' specifications.

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Effective June 1, 2010, Wisconsin drivers are required to have an automobile insurance policy in force or, in limited situations, other security which could be a surety bond, personal funds, or certificate of self-insurance. Law enforcement officers often are exposed to considerable risk.

See Wisconsin Statute 346.88 (3)(a) and Transportation rule 305.34 (6).

If the tire is worn to the point where part of the ply or cord construction is exposed, or there is less than 2/32 inch tread depth measured at two points no less than 15 inches apart in any major tread groove, at or near the center of the tire.

The pilot times vehicles as they cross pavement markings of known distance.

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A device in the aircraft takes the distance and time and converts it to MPH.Generally, neither party is entitled to pretrial discovery in traffic forfeiture actions.But a defendant has a limited right to inspect and test devices used by the state to determine whether a traffic violation has been committed, including speed and alcohol detection devices.Pickup trucks may have up to four-inches plus for tires, and five-inches plus for suspension for a combination of an additional nine-inches over manufacturers' specifications.

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