Xap file not updating

10-May-2017 16:19

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Ultimately though, I know that I need to make a build for Windows Phone 7.x and one for Windows Phone 8 but I can submit them each to the Store under the same name and the Store will do the right thing. Sure, but my second lovely bug that showed up was when folks mashed on the Save button many times.

If you've got Windows Phone 8 with a new resolution you'll get the right version as you can see in the screenshot below. I updated my app a few weeks ago but my first good bug came in from a gent with a HTC Windows Phone device running at 1280x720, rather than 1280x768. With Windows Phone 8 there's three resolutions, in fact as Justin points out: The resolutions are: WVGA (480x800 pixels), also used in Windows Phone 7; WXGA (768x1280 pixels), essentially an HD version of WVGA; and the wildcard 720P (720x1280 pixels) that uses a different aspect ratio to WVGA and WXGA. Because everything is non-blocking this would fire off many save requests and eventually they'd collide at the file system with an "Access Denied" or something equally useful. Don't work so hard on your app and forget to profile it.

Goodness, I swear I have spent more time messing with screenshots and PNGs than coding. Because there's three resolutions you'll want to make note that you need three sets of screenshots!

Here's the thing: Mobile app development is all about the Screenshots and Icons. Fortunately there's a screenshot cool built into the Emulator and Windows Phone also supports in-device screenshots (finally) by pressing Power Windows Key.

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I removed all my hard-coded margins and changed my Grids to use a Row Definition of "*" which means "the rest of the space" like this: The first Row Definition fills to the size of its content and the second just takes up the rest. I had (chose) to hard code some screen sizes in one place in the app. After that's uploaded I change the dropdown and upload the Windows Phone 8 XAP.Big thanks to my friend Justin Angel at Nokia for brainstorming on Skype with me and helping with the async code and resolution issues.His blog post on What's New in Windows Phone 8 was very useful, especially his little Multi Res helper class.I double-clicked on the WMApp and made sure to reassert some of the basic settings like icon sizes and tiles for my app, as well as confirming the capabilities that my app would need like photo access, etc.

I was sure to check the Supported Resolutions as I knew I'd need those later. It's an upgraded OS but 99% of the code will be shared. Actual Width to be correct.) I have a VERY specific custom Image Cropping control that needed special handling for the 720p case, likely due to my lack of skill with XAML.

However, enough stuff has changed that I decided to make a branch in source control rather than make a single build. I am told that only the most edgy of edge cases need to do this and often this is in the creation of pixel-perfect lock screens so you probably won't sweat it at all.

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