Xbmc updating librtmp

21-Aug-2017 03:29

xbmc updating librtmp-17

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There will be lots of scary messages you don’t understand. And best run the “sudo make” directly on the Pi if you can.

If you do it by ssh you’ll have to leave your other computer on and connected until it finishes.

:) I’m assuming that you have an internet connected Raspberry Pi with SD card booted up into a clean install of a Raspbian distribution you got from the Raspberry Pi downloads page.

The current version at the time of writing is 2012-06-18If you have the Debian Squeeze Raspberry Pi release you need to click here and use these different instructions. Let’s get back to home so we don’t end up putting FFMPEG inside the rtmpdump build folder.Mark Williams has kindly provided a bash script which goes through this installation process.He has tested it, but I haven’t had time (although I have looked through it).You may choose to have a go with it at your own risk.

You can download it here (You will need to unzip it and make it executable before it will run) (substitute keyword for a keyword in a programme title) This will result in a list of programmes (or none) with that keyword in.You can redirect the download wherever you like using… options ensure you download at the best available resolution.To mount a USB flash drive/memory stick or other device click here for the procedure One more thing.460 Then, to download programme 460, type this This will download the program at the best available resolution to your get_iplayer folder on your SD card, which you probably don’t want.