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17-Aug-2017 10:23

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Any errors or information will be logged in the Windows Event Log. You can not install this by double-click on the batch file. If you are still using Internet Explorer, scroll on down to the bottom, download and install Firefox (and actually use it). NOTE: This has been partially resolved with the release of version 1.2 3. All the domain names must be in the same Zone Edit account.Can I update multiple domains at the same time (e.g. If all the domains are listed separated by commas on the HOSTS line in the ini file, it will update all the domains at once (don't put any spaces between the domains).Everytime I have needed an answer to something, I have received a reply within the hour (usually much quicker).This includes those late night 'blonde' moments with which Gary has always been patient and extremely helpful.I recently switched to using Zone Edit's dynamic DNS service.However I could only find 2 clients that worked with

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The update is done using HTTPS, but it uses the invalid certificate that Zone Edit sends. This error seems to be caused by your Antivirus preventing the application from sending mail. It was truncating the last 2 digits of the IP address.Name: One2Host Web: uk)Rating: 8 out of 10Support: ASP; PHP; CGI; HTML; Description: The site was a little amaturish, what with spelling mistakes and all...However, I found their support team flawless, and the prices are very reasonable.The Zone Edit program is to be open source, and the source will soon be provided.

Updating DynSite Settings for Private Addresses. not your private one. you will see that right underneath the entry for "ZoneEdit" is your domain name.… continue reading »

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Microsoft Dynamic DNS Auto-Update Client for use with. Restart the ZoneEdit Dynamic DNS Update service. 8. It is updating with the wrong IP.… continue reading »

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Oct 10, 2017. Hello, Verified ZoneEdit settings nothing is wrong and nothing has changed recently, after domain renewal just stop working anymore. C\nslookup.… continue reading »

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Hi, I have two domains with you, uk and uk. Recently had a ip address change dynamic DNS and I can see that it has.… continue reading »

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Nice to have a team behind a service that actually understands all the technical questions and provides… continue reading »

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