Zoneedit not updating

17-Aug-2017 10:23

I recently switched to using Zone Edit's dynamic DNS service.

However I could only find 2 clients that worked with

The Zone Edit program is to be open source, and the source will soon be provided.

zoneedit not updating-54


If you are using regular HTTP, everything works fine.Using the information from this source, I was able to create my own (mostly) open source program. The name of the installed service is "Zone Edit Dynamic DNS Update" 2.The application runs as a service, so that it will always be running whenever your computer is. It will then check every 15 minutes to see if your public IP has changed. You will need to be logged in as a local Administrator to install the program. Once it is installed, you will have to update the configuration file with your appropriate information, and start the service. I am receiving an error along the lines of 'excessive usage' or 'excessive updates'. If you try to update your DNS record too often (i.e.If you are using HTTPS, Zoneedit is sending a certificate for a different domain (specifically

Click the Account Assistant button to begin configuring DynSite to work with your ZoneEdit. The Top Domain field is not used by ZoneEdit. updating your IP.… continue reading »

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I will be suggesting Zoneedit to everyone. Just had to login to update some mx records. Was sent an alert to make sure the login was not a hacker.… continue reading »

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Microsoft Dynamic DNS Auto-Update Client for use with. Restart the ZoneEdit Dynamic DNS Update service. 8. It is updating with the wrong IP.… continue reading »

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